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There is a bacterial disease called Leptospirosis that is spreading at a high rate due to the increase in rodent populations in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties.  This disease is spread in the urine of rodents.  It is potentially fatal and zoonotic (able to be spread to humans).  The State of Michigan has reported that there are 45 confirmed cases between Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties. 

Maple Veterinary Hospital has confirmed 4 cases alone since October.  This is a disease that can be easily prevented with vaccines.  The rumor report says that Dogs generally have vaccine reactions to leptospirosis, so it is not worth getting the vaccine.  A vaccine reaction is a much less risk than your dog contracting the disease and potentially dying.Treatment of this disease should include hospitalization, IV fluid therapy, antibiotics and supportive care.  Diagnosis of this disease is done by sending out a urine and blood sample. 

If you have any questions about Leptospirosis in general, or questions if your pet is vaccinated for leptospirosis, please call Maple Veterinary Hospital.



Dr. Mike

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